Replacement lamps for the B-Shine multifunctional cosmetic laser


  • 3 lamps to choose (depilation, wrinkles, acne)
  • lamp life of 300,000 shots
  • window size 3.9 cm2

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Replacement lamps for the multifunctional cosmetic laser


The first device of this type for use at home, available to everyone. Professional anti-aging treatments, anti-acne treatments and permanent and effective hair removal. It’s all in one modern device for you.

Gewicht 90 g
Größe 76 × 37 × 106 mm
Optical radiation (energy)

Hair removal: (5.0J / 4.7J / 4.5J / 4.0J / 3.4J / cm²)
Skin rejuvenation: (4.1J / 3.9J / 3.6J / 3.5J / 3.2J / cm²
Acne treatment: (3.7J / 3.6J / 3.4J / 3.1J / 2.7J / cm²)

Wavelength Range

Hair removal: 530-1100nm
Skin rejuvenation: 560-1100nm
Acne treatment: 400-700nm

Lamp life

300,000 shots





Lamp Type

AC lamp – acne treatment, HR lamp – depilation, SR lamp – wrinkle reduction


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